Mammoth wipes are a huge towel sized wipe manufactured using a sustainable bamboo material that’s fully biodegradable, making it kinder on the environment than traditional wipes.

The wipe has a water based antibacterial liquid with a wild lemon fresh scent and an Aloe leaf juice skin conditioner which will leave you feeling clean and fresh.

Our wipes are free of Parben's and Palm oils and contain no plastics

25 times bigger than a standard wipe they are 120cm x 80cm ( 47.24” x 31.50”) giving you a full body clean with a single wipe.

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Mammoth Wipes

Mammoth Wipes

Mammoth Wipes - Towel Sized XXL Wipe Mammoth is a  Antibacterial, biodegradable towel sized wipe manufactured from sustainable bamboo. The wipe is 1.2 x 0.8 Mtrs ( 120 cm x ...


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