Joseph Brigham

Fantastic product – cleaned me up a treat after the Spartan race super at the weekend, left me fresh, clean and happy to hang out round the event village in comfort for a few hours socializing post-race. The best thing about these is that they are biodegrade and safe for the environment – meaning a … Continue reading Joseph Brigham

Josh Hill

A fantastic addition to my OCR kit and exceptionally handy for when there are no rinse stations. One Mammoth wipe took care of the majority of dried on dirt after this weekend’s Total Warrior. Big enough to clean off legs and arms within seconds, and no pile of smaller wipes to get rid of afterwards, … Continue reading Josh Hill

Elle Hill

Had a pack for Total Warrior Ultra after 2.5 laps and caked in mud these were really appreciated! When you are too cold to go to the wash down station, i could slip my dry robe on and with one wipe managed to remove 95% off the mud and dirt. Only struggled on a very … Continue reading Elle Hill

Laura Crawford

I used Mammoth Wipes for the first time at Zeus race when my friend brought them along. It was a very muddy run! I was so impressed with the wipes, They are huge and they definitely did the trick. Cleaned me up nicely ready for the car trip home, would definitely recommend them and would … Continue reading Laura Crawford

Dave Roulston

I think they are a great product, absolutely huge !! I did Zeus race and it was extremely muddy the wipes cleaned me up no problems at all.

Alistar Cruickshanks

A couple of runners who brought them and indeed our own team found they were astonishing. They removed mud far easier than water and soap. Our event has the worst mud and it gets deep in your skin. It can take days to get rid of it and your wipes remove it without any problem. … Continue reading Alistar Cruickshanks

Amanda Smith

Wow these really are massive even though they claim to be big I still wasn’t expecting them to be this big, they are the size of a large bath towel. I used them after being sent some to trial and I was impressed by the size but also the feel and smell of them, with … Continue reading Amanda Smith

Jayne Ferguson

As a camper I have used wet wipes to clean and freshen up for years but the fact that these are Biodegradable swung it for me to give them a go over other wipes. The 2 wipes that come in a pack lasted the whole weekend, as they are so big I split them in … Continue reading Jayne Ferguson

Martin Ballen

Used these for an mud running event as the venue didn’t have showers and there was no way of getting clean before I got back in my car to go home. Really impressed with the size of these things they are huge and whilst I used both wipes in the pack I could have cleaned … Continue reading Martin Ballen

Mammoth the full body towel sized wet wipe perfect for Sporting events, Festivals, Epic Days Out, Motor sports & Travelling