Mammoth Wipes for OCR Events

Mammoth Wipes for OCR Events

Here at Mammoth we think that we have produced the perfect OCR wipe , Those of you who have ever been to Obstacle Course Race event  will know that trying to stay clean is almost impossible. Getting covered in mud and dirt is part of the fun after all but once you have finished the options for getting clean are limited.

Yes I’ve survived

So you’ve got you Medal and you feel like an absolute winner ( and you are ) but now what are you going to do ? Many events are in remote locations and now you don’t have any way of getting clean for the journey home.

So now what ?

Well you could do the baby wipe wash  however to clean your body you are going to need  20-30 wipes and the waste you generate from discarded wipes is huge .

These wipes are generally manufactured in spunlace cotton which isn’t environmentally friendly and they can often contain Parabens and palm oils which also increases the products negative environmental impact.

The Mammoth Wipe Alternative ..

Well you now have a better option and that’s a Mammoth wipe,as the name suggests these wipes are HUGE and measure 120 cm x 80 cm which is pretty much the size of a large bath towel.

It makes they 25 times BIGGER than a standard wet wipe which measures 14 x 27 cm , This means 1 wipe will give your whole body a total clean and you get 2 wipes in a pack .

Environmental Impact..

In a world where we are more conscious about our impact on the world around us we manufactured our wipes in a way that we reduced as much as possible the wipes environmental impact.

Mammoth wipes are manufactured using sustainable Bamboo which is fully Biodegradable , The liquid we use is water based , Paraben and Palm oil free yet still manages to give a Wild lemon scent and Aloe Vera which leave the skin feeling clean , fresh and soft .

The Antibacterial aspect of the wipe will ensure you won’t only feel clean but killing 99% of all bugs you will be clean .Even our packaging is made using an LDPE material that’s recyclable.

Go Mammoth for your OCR Event  …

So if you are looking for a wipe this OCR Season that will keep you clean and fresh and reduces your impact on the environment then Mammoth is the perfect wipe for you.

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