Mammoth Wipes When Size Matters

Mammoth wipes when size matters

Here at Mammoth we believe that size matters and that’s why we have made the biggest wipe on the market at a whopping 1.2 Mtrs x 0.8 Mtrs that’s 25 times bigger than a standard wipe which come in at 14 x 27 cm.

Designed to give you a full body clean in a single wipe or if you don’t need the wipe to be this big then simple tear the wipe to your desired size and leave the rest for later.  Each pack contains 2 towel sized wipes that use a water based liquid which is paraben and palm oil free. The antibacterial liquid kills 99% of bugs and has a pleasant lemon fresh smell , treated with Aloe it also leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized.

Manufactured using sustainable Bamboo our wipes are fully biodegradable making them kinder on the environment than a traditional spun cotton wipe. Our packaging is a recyclable LDPE materials as we looked to reduce the products total impact on the world we life in to the absolute minimum.

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