How To Stay Clean Living In A Van Without No Shower

The Best Way To Stay Clean Living In A Van With No Shower

Living on the road can be fun. There is nothing more enjoyable than exploring this planet, and that’s why so many people these days are turning to van life as a great economical way to live and travel.

With many people working in the digital and tech world, working remotely is much easier than it was back when we didn’t have laptops and iPads or jobs that we can do on the go.

Van lifers face many challenges, but with the right inside knowledge and expertise, those challenges can be overcome.

How To Stay Clean Living The Vanlife?

XXL Mammoth Wipes – Full Towel Size Wet Wipes

When we say XXL we mean it, Mammoth Wipes are 120cm x 80cm which is the size of a full towel. One towel will provide you with shower like cleanliness and will scrub your body of sweat, mud, dirt and grime with ease. You’ll be left smelling fresh, and you’ll be as clean as a whistle is now time.

How To Keep Clean While Wild Camping

If you are travelling in your van and you like to stay off-grid, then Mammoth Wipes are the perfect addition to your survival kit. You can be anywhere and wash your body, no need to drive around for hours trying to find a shower you can use or booking into expensive hotels to take a bath.

So go and seek discomfort, pull up in a forest or overlooking a beach somewhere in the world (you lucky so and so) and wipe yourself down and get on with living your best life.

How To Stay Clean When You Hike, Live In A Van and Don’t Have A Shower?

Ah, who needs a shower anyway? Said no one ever.. that was until we created the Mammoth Wipe. You can hike to your heart’s content, up volcanos, over mountain ranges, through mud and high waters. When you’re done, go back to your beautiful little van and use a mammoth wipe to get you fresh and ready for supper and bed.

Mammoth wipes are eco-friendly, biodegradable and they smell great. They come in handy packets that can be easily stored and they are fully recyclable.

Post van life pics with your mammoth wipes branded packet with the hashtags #vanlife and #mammothwipes. If you have 1000 or more followers, we’ll send you a free pack of mammoth wipes to help you on your journey to the fresh side!