Whole body wipes for after a workout

Whole Body Wipes For After A Workout

After a sweaty and intense work-out, whether you’re at the gym on the weekend or just before work, or at home, you just want to feel refreshed, smelling fresh and clean before continuing with the day; if this sounds familiar, Mammoth Wipes may be for you!

Gym Bag Essentials

Whether you’re a gym bunny, casual attendee or utterly new to the gym life, everyone needs a gym bag, and we have a guide to the best products to keep in it! 

The first essential is a reusable water bottle, and most gyms will have water machines to refill your bottle if you drink it all during your workout. It’s vital to stay hydrated during and post-workout.

Next for your gym bag are a good pair of headphones; sometimes, the gym music just doesn’t suit your fancy, and some music you love and know can be super motivating. The right song can encourage you to pick up speed and really push yourself, and the excellent idea is to make a workout playlist with all the songs that give you the most energy and motivation.

A good deodorant is ideal for your gym bag; with all the sweat you’re building creating body odors, you want to make sure you have some on you!

Your gym shoes! There’s nothing worse than working out in a pair of uncomfy shoes; make sure to keep them in your bag so you can always be prepared.

It’s always a good idea to take a snack, and you need to be able to fuel yourself after a whole body workout. It may be best to take two in case you push yourself too hard and need to get some energy flowing through your body again before you leave the gym, or you need to eat before your workout to fuel your body, so it’s prepared.

Some good wet wipes are essential; when you finish your workout, you want to wipe down equipment and yourself! You want to be feeling fresh, and sometimes you just don’t have time for a full shower; wipes can be a great alternative. 


Body Cleansing Wipes Benefits

Body cleansing wipes can be handy to help you stay clean after a workout if you’re just not feeling up to that post-workout shower. Baby wipes just won’t cut it when you’re sweaty and hot after a workout; that’s why mammoth wipes are a brilliant alternative! 

Mammoth wipes are extra-large body wipes that are completely biodegradable, so not only are you able to feel clean after use, you can help the environment at their disposal. They can be used on the face and body and can even be used to wipe down equipment; this is a big thing in gyms right now with covid, so they come in pretty handy. They are pre-moistened wipes prepared to clean all skin types over the face and body. They are gentle and super soft on sensitive skin and contain vitamin e to benefit different skin types, especially those with delicate skin. 

When it comes to wiping down equipment, these wipes aren’t just body wipes; they have antibacterials in them, allowing you to clean off your gear ready for the next person to use, keeping them safe and clean too!

They are towel sized but kept in a compact package, easily fitting into your gym bag and replacing that heavy towel you have to drag around with you! The body wipes can remove that sticky residue from your workout; whilst being alcohol-free, they are safe and just what you need to feel clean without the hassle of gym showers and big towels. It also saves room by not having to take face wipes as well as your towel, as you can just have both in one! 

After a workout, when you’re covered in sweat and dirt, you want the best body wipes to help you stay clean and smell fresh. Mammoth body wipes are perfect for those with an active lifestyle, and they have a wood sage and sea salt scent to help your face and body feel refreshed and soft, especially those with sensitive skin. The large wipes can clean you head to toe, perfect after a long gym session, and you need a quick clean down.

Each pack is at a reasonable price, containing two for £4.99 or £39.99 for 10 with the option to donate a pack to the homeless project at no extra cost. They have 5-star ratings on their website, with excellent feedback from customers who find them extremely useful for all kinds of uses, allowing you to see you’re getting high-quality body wipes that other people love. Not only are they excellent quality, environmentally friendly wipes, but you can also help out a great cause and keep a homeless person clean with body wipes when they don’t have access to necessities like showers that we do.

Environmental Benefits Of Large Body Wipes

They are alcohol-free and full of natural ingredients, as well as natural fibers! They are made with pure bamboo material, making them much kinder to the environment than standard baby wipes. Compared to a typical baby wipe that will only cover your face, using just one wipe can reduce waste to help the environment further. They don’t contain any harsh chemicals and contain two wipes to avoid waste. Not only are they completely natural and eco-friendly, but they are also cruelty-free, allowing you to use your body wipes without any fear of how they are made. 

They are parbon, and palm oil-free, which is significant considering palm oil is the leading factor of deforestation of the world’s most biodiverse forests and destroying habitats of the world’s most endangered species like orangutans, Sumatran rhino and pygmy elephant. Deforestation then leads to a significant release of greenhouse gases, which then contributes to climate change. Not only does palm oil massively harm our environment, they often use child labour and exploit workers to receive the oil; it’s a lot of global and painful issues for a product on our shelves that we can easily find an alternative for. Palm oil is in 50% of packaged products in our supermarkets, and we don’t even know it. The best body wipes are the useful ones, do their job and don’t hurt any animals, the climate, or workers in the making. 

It’s important to use biodegradable body wipes, as standard baby wipes account for 93% of blockages in UK sewers and are piling up on beds and banks. Even when labelled as flushable, they aren’t biodegradable, and the wet wipes end up clogging our sewers, creating boulders of gunk. Although even biodegradable wipes aren’t flushable either when binned they are disposed of much more safely and quickly.

Wet wipes cause plastic pollution after finding their way into our oceans, leaving long-term problems for sea creatures and the marine environment. One wipe can give you a full-body clean as these are extra large wipes and 25 times bigger than other wipes. By being two per pack wipes, they reduce waste, helping with our sea life and sewer problems.

Standard wet wipes contain a chemical formula, and most of the time, are made with synthetic fibre. Eleven billion are used a year. We need to change to the best body wipes possible for our environment.