Homeless Care Package Checklist | What They Really Want

What Do Homeless People Really Want And Need In Their Care Package?

There are so many checklists online that recommend travel-sized bottles of shower gel, shampoo and deodorant, yet so many forget that homeless people can’t shower or wash often.

Where would you imagine homeless people to shower, shave or brush their teeth? When the opportunity allows for it then yes, of course, it’s good when there is the opportunity for that. The worst thing though is that after they have had their care package, they’ll have to carry around all of those bottles you just left them with, everywhere they go!

They can’t store them on the side of the bath or shower because they don’t even have a bedroom, let alone an en suite.

The weather is also a vital factor to consider when making up care packages for the homeless. Aerosols are entirely useless and freeze in the winter months winter, and in the summer, they may overheat and explode.

Certain other products will do very bizarre things that the average person who has a home to go back to will have never seen because they have never had such products in extreme weather before.

Just imagine, what would happen to you, if you left travel-sized toiletries in your car overnight? If the response is “not good” then don’t give it to a homeless person. Liquid deodorant freezes and bars of soaps melt, so consider time times of the year before giving out your care packages because they may end up being utterly useless to the person you are trying to help.

So What Should You Give To Homeless People To Help Them Stay Fresh and Clean and What Should Your Care Package Include? Let’s find out.

What Should You Give To Homeless People To Help Them Stay Fresh and Clean?

Because it’s so difficult to carry, store and wash with standard toiletries, homeless people would be much more appreciative of large body wipes like Mammoth Wipes.

Why Are Mammoth Wipes Good For Care Packages?

Easy To Carry

There are two full-body size towels in each pack. The pack can fit into a bag or pocket and is lightweight.


Yup, if anyone accidentally leaves it behind or if there isn’t a bin around, these wipes degrade and become part of the earth again, all by themselves.

Useful In All Weather Conditions

Come rain or shine. Mammoth wipes remain effective. No weather condition can change these bad boys and after a cold and wet night outside, sit on the wipes or put them between your legs and they’ll warm up for an excellent clean up when they’re ready.

Full Body Clean

Mammoth wipes are XXL body wipes. They smell lovely although not overly scented, they can provide the user with what will feel like a full-body wash, without the need for any water or special environment.

Essential Homeless Care Package Checklist 2020

  1. Mammoth XXL Full Body Wipes
  2. Sanitary Items (tampons and sanitary towels)
  3. Socks – Always useful in all seasons
  4. Underwear (Only if the person is familiar with you and you can guestimate their size) – homeless people always need new underwear, but they’ll rarely ask for it.
  5. Bus Pass, travel card or similar – homeless people always appreciate this so they can travel to get the things done that they need to.
  6. Sewing Kit with Scissors – so they can sew up any holes in any of the clothes they have.
  7. Shoe Inners – so they can put fresh soals in their shoes, this will protect their feet, help with walking, insulate their shoes and cover any holes.
  8. Ziplock freezer bags – homeless people protect belongings, money and things they need to keep dry when they are in the outdoors. They sometimes put them on their feet inside their shoes to protect their feet from wet weather.
  9. Hair Ties & Head Bands – both homeless men and women are not able to afford to get their hair cut, and if often grows very long, hair ties will be much appreciated by those with longer locks, and they also help to tie up bags and trousers around ankles in cold weather.
  10. Unused Gift Cards – especially for shops that sell clothing and underwear
  11.  Dry shampoo – to freshen up the hair
  12. Sweets, snacks and cordial concentrate – to brighten up their life a little
  13. The Most Vital – A hikers backpack or good quality backpack they can transfer their things into.

Mammoth wipes are committed to helping homeless people.

When you buy mammoth wipes on our site, we will match your order and give the additional wipes to homeless people in the UK. You can also purchase wipes for us to donate on your behalf at the checkout – every pack you donate, we also match.