Pet Safe Wipes

Pet Safe Wipes

Clean up your dirty dog before it gets in the car and ruins your day!

The muddy paw prevention team at Mammoth Wipes have created the friendliest, largest wipes known to doggies worldwide.

Humans will have no issues wiping off mud, dirt and doo-doo with ease. Best of all, they are eco-friendly.

Going On A Muddy Mission?

Don’t Forget Your Mammoth Wipes!

We don’t leave home without them, especially when we take our pooches out for a walk. Come rain or shine; our bundle of joy always manages to find the best puddles to run through.

After running through the puddles, he will head for the digging ground, and on the way back to the car he always looks like he’s invested in a few pairs of thick winter socks… mud-coloured ones!

The torture endured by my car seats is undeniable. Any more and those car seats will need to be declared carless! The blankets and dog bedding don’t cut it, and they are challenging to keep clean.

How Can Mammoth Wipes Prevent Muddy Paw Prints in Your Car?

Before our dog is allowed his ‘it’s time to go home treat’ to get him back into the car, I now use a mammoth wipe to clean him off.

The large size of the wipes helps to get a thorough clean, and if there’s a tremendous amount of dirt on his paws, I get him to stand on the wipe and then use the corners to wipe his legs and feet off. If you do this close enough to the door of the vehicle, your dog can jump straight in.

It’s the best solution we have found to keep our dog clean and our car on the go. The dogs never smelt so good coming back from a long run so if you like walks out to the country but not the cleaning up afterwards then don’t forget to take your Mammoth Wipes!

Did You Know That Mammoth Wipes Are Pet-Friendly and Eco-Friendly?

Not only are Mammoth Wipes pet-friendly, but they are also Eco-Friendly. They have no harmful chemicals in them, yet they smell great, this is what makes them so perfect to use on your dog. That wet dog smell won’t hang around for long after a good old wipe down.

There are many ‘large wipes for dogs’ on the market, but not all of them are as big or as friendly as Mammoth Wipes.

Why Are Mammoth Wipes The Best Large Dog Wipes On The Market?

Larger Size
No Harsh Chemicals
Pleasant Fragrance
Made From Sustainable
Easy to carry in your pocket

The muddy paw prevention team have created what we believe is the best pack of pet-friendly, large travel wipes for dogs.

Mammoth Wipes is ready to prove that you can clean your dog up quickly, leave him/her smelling as fresh as Mel’s pampered pooch next door and save your car from muddy paw prints all while helping to save the planet!

So let them run wild, let your hair down because everything will be OK! So long as you have your Mammoth Wipes, that is!

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