The Ultimate Camping Hygiene Hack

The Ultimate Camping Hygiene Hack

Camping with no showers can be a smelly task, but when off-site camping out in the wilderness it’s a must-do. If you’re planning on going hiking or backpacking too, you’ve probably wondered how you can get clean while camping? How to stay clean in the wilderness? And how to stay hygienic.

How do you get/feel clean while camping?

Urgh, we know how it feels to wake up clammy in a tent and to stink of sweat from days of hiking and activities in the wild. It can be a real challenge camping without showers and bathrooms to freshen up in, but it doesn’t have to be!

One of the best and easiest items to pack into your camping hygiene kit is a few packs of Mammoth Wipes.

Mammoth wipes are large towel size, Eco-friendly, bio-degradable full-body camping wipes that will clean you as good as having a shower. They’ll leave you dirt and sweat-free so you can feel fresh on your wild camping adventure.

How do you feel clean while camping?

Use a Mammoth wipe on your face, arms, pits or full body to keep you smelling and feeling fresh all day long and then use again before bed. These wipes are like showers in a packet, and they are 100% the best way to feel clean while you are camping

How do people stay clean in the wilderness?

If you’ve had a wet, muddy day wild camping, the last thing you’ll want to do is take a hike to find the nearest water supply or even worse, have to sleep in a muddy mess until the next day.

Adding mammoth wipes to your camping kit will make for the ultimate camping hygiene hack. Using the wipes will make it easier for you to clean off mud and dirt after a long wet day. You won’t have to get into any cold water and put any shower chemicals into the natural water.

The wipes take dirt and mud off the skin with ease and are big enough to wipe clean a whole muddy person if required. You can also use the wipes on your face, sensitive areas, and to wipe hair, meaning you can camp in comfort.

We recommend getting yourself some packs of Mammoth Wipes to save you from your future filthy self!